Using Analytics, Bloomberg Beta Seeks Out Startup Founders


By now 350 employees at companies across the country might just be rethinking their day jobs, thanks to an email sent this morning by venture investment firm Bloomberg Beta.

The early-stage investor, whose sole backer is Bloomberg LP, tapped those 350 people as the candidates most likely to become founders of startup companies. Bloomberg Beta constructed the list using analytical tools and research performed in conjunction with Mattermark, according to Karin Klein, a partner in the firm’s New York office.

“We’re always trying to look at can we do venture capital in a different way,” Klein said. “This next future founders project is expanding that.”

The firm conducted an analysis of all of the venture-backed founders and analyzed the traits that those people had in common. That created a set of patterns that they applied to a dataset of employees currently working at companies in and around the technology…

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