Three Classes In, Is Raising A New Fund With Plans To Incubate 100 Bitcoin Startups By 2016


Adam Draper and Brayton Williams launched in 2012 at a time when the accelerator market was beginning to burst at the seams with new entrants — some would say it was nearing saturation. In an effort to differentiate their approach and attract quality startups amidst the growing noise in Accelerator Land, the Boost founders decided to put a premium on experimentation.

For the founders, this means being willing to take risks in their approach to startup incubation and not shying away from diving into new verticals or diverting attention and resources when a market demands it. Case in point: After Draper took an early interest in Bitcoin, and the team saw that the digital currency market was quickly becoming a magnet for talented developers, Boost decided to dedicate half of its second batch to Bitcoin startups.

The expeditious move made Boost the first accelerator to devote resources to…

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