President Obama Loses Washington Monument To Pope Francis In Game Of HORSE

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

O & F It looks like the American landscape will literally be changing after President Obama’s historic first meeting with Pope Francis, Modern Philosophers.

Pope Francis, this blog’s 2013 Being of the Year and my good friend, called The House on the Hill today to brag that he had beaten the President at a game of HORSE.

The prize?  The Washington Monument!

The Holy Father gushed as he told his story.  “We were just shooting around on the court in the Vatican, trading jumpers, and just being a couple of guys, when Barack says, ‘Care to make this interesting?’ How could I not jump at the chance to go one on one against the leader of the free world on my home court?”

The Secret Service Agents and Swiss Guards assigned to protect the two world leaders weren’t too keen on the men playing a half court game.  “Too much chance of injury. …

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