Nomi Acquires Media Armor To Add Online Marketing Data To Its Offline Marketing Tools


Nomi , a data and marketing startup that serves brick-and-mortar retailers , is announcing that it has acquired ad startup Media Armor .

CEO Marc Ferrentino said Nomi’s vision is to “digitize the offline world to be on par with the online world,” and the acquisition will help the company bring more digital marketing data into its platform.

He added that he was particularly impressed by Media Armor’s cross-device retargeting capabilities. For example, he suggested that by integrating with Media Armor (and taking advantage of Nomi’s iBeacon integration) Nomi could tell clothing retailers when an in-store customer has already put items in their shopping cart online, and the store could deliver targeted mobile messages based on that knowledge.

“Ultimately, it’s not about e-commerce or in-store commerce, it’s just commerce,” Ferrentino said.

The financial terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed, but he did say that the four-person Media…

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