Indix Raises Additional $8.5M From Avalon, Nexus To Build World’s Largest Product Database For Brands


Indix , a big data startup building an index for over 1 billion consumer products in the world, is raising $8.5 million in Series A-1 funding from Avalon Ventures and Nexus Venture partners to achieve that goal.

Indix is among a growing breed of startups that are helping consumer brands tackle the challenges of real-time commerce. On one hand, online retailers such as Amazon are pushing the limits with ideas such as “anticipatory” shipping, which aims to reduce the delivery time by anticipating what a buyer is looking to buy before it’s actually ordered. On the other hand, the ongoing social commerce frenzy is forcing the lines between physical and virtual worlds to blur, as we have seen with what old-world retailers such as Nordstrom are doing.

“As commerce becomes pervasive, every interaction in the physical world or on the web becomes an opportunity to inform, educate, and…

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