Hands On With The Weirdest Automatic Composting Machine I’ve Ever Used, The Food Cycler


Sometimes we get the weirdest emails. For example, a few weeks ago someone asked me if I wanted to try the Smart CARA (the Food Cycler in the U.S.), a Korean composting machine that turns food waste into healthy, usable potting soil in about four hours. As a sometimes gardener with a real composter in the back yard, I wondered why anyone would need one of these machines, so I asked to try one.

Now I know why.

So imagine you’re an eco-conscious vegetable eater in a small apartment. You don’t have a yard so you’re stuck throwing away scraps or, barring that, throwing them out your window or something. So you pick up the Smart CARA, dump your food waste (even meat!) into it, and press a button. You can even store the waste in there for a while and all of the stink is drawn away by a…

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