Yo Instacart, Can I Get Some Shareable Grocery Lists?


I suck at grocery shopping, at least compared to some of my friends. One knows exactly what vegetables go into a killer get-the-hell-out-of-bed smoothie. A gymrat buddy can suggest a healthier alternative to any popular foodstuff. And my favorite drunk has all the cocktail bar essentials memorized. Some of them already use grocery delivery service Instacart. Now I want them to be able to do the shopping for me.

Instacart does its best to digitize the grocery store experience. The $10.8 million-funded Y Combinator startup breaks up items into intuitive categories, and it ranks popular ones from each at the top. But the friction is still in the decision making process.

Shopping is exhausting, and in some ways, Instacart’s massive set of options makes it worse. In a supermarket, you have every brand and variation of a product right before your eyes. Because Instacart can only fit so much…

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