VMBeacon Is Wearables For Mannequins, Sends Clothes Info To Customers


vmbeacon-screen It’s not iBeacon, but uses a mix of Apple’s iBeacon technology plus their own “secret sauce,” whatever that is. What is it? VMBeacon is a new product enabling store mannequins to transmit information to shoppers about the clothes on display, via their smartphones as they browse in store or through a shop window. In other words, we are talking Wearables for mannequins

Launched by UK startup Iconeme today a VMBeacon device is installed into a mannequin but the information transmitted via the VMBeacon is not contained on the device itself but in the cloud, so it can be programmed remotely.

When a customer with an enabled app (yet to be released) is within a 100m range of the VMBeacon, they get an alert about the clothes and accessories on the shop dummy, plus prices and links to purchase the items directly from the retailer’s website, or where they can be…

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