Upshift Launches To Bring Scalable Sales Engines To Startups, And Help Engineer Growth


If today isn’t your first day in the tech industry (or reading TechCrunch), then you’re likely familiar with the rise of the accelerator program, a phenomenon that has swept through Startup Land like wildfire over the last five years. Pioneered by early movers like Y Combinator and TechStars as part of experiments that aimed to identify the best ways to support nascent companies during those headache-inducing yet critical early stages of growth, today, the seed accelerator model is quietly marching towards ubiquity.

By helping entrepreneurs define products, identify potential customers, and by offering a nip of seed capital, co-working space, mentorship and networking opportunities — in short, immersive program packages — it’s no wonder accelerators have become one of the most popular approaches to business incubator. If accelerators get it right, the dynamic between partners and entrepreneurs is symbiotic.

In turn, you also may be aware of the explosion of…

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