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I think Cherrie and I RODE the incredible wind today from where we parked and almost through the entrance of Beth Israel’s Cardiac Care Unit for our visit with Marilyn. They call the wind Marilyn?? Sorry, my love. Cherrie and I found Marilyn in good spirits in her “regular” hospital room. She was free of all tubes and breathing “okay” on her home. This was the day after surgery to implant a pacemaker and inflation of collapsed lungs.

Some changes from last night’s report. Doctors now say Marilyn will STAY at Beth Israel for an extended period rather than coming home by week’s end. She is still weak, her breathing needs to improve and her many incisions from 5 surgeries this past week need to heal. Marilyn was out of bed and sitting in a chair. She was able, with the help of a nurse, to walk into the bathroom…

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