TubeMogul Files For $75M IPO, With $57M In Revenue And A $7M Net Loss For 2013


Video ad platform TubeMogul has filed its S-1, declaring its plans to go public with an offering of up to $75 million. And it’s doing so with what appears to be pretty healthy gross margins, though with an overall net loss.

Once upon a time, TubeMogul was a video analytics company. But somewhere along the line, it morphed into an ad-buying platform that aggregates premium and transparent inventory sources.

In contrast to some of the other online ad companies out there, TubeMogul is more of a software-as-a-service play than it is a typical ad network, and its financials support that. Instead of just counting all the money that crosses its path on its top line, it breaks out the difference between “spend” and “revenue.”

Total spend on TubeMogul for 2013 was $111.9 million, which was up from $53.4 million the year before. And 2013 revenue was $57.2 million…

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