The ‘European FreeWheel’ Videoplaza Claims 50% Of Europe’s Broadcasters


Earlier this month FreeWheel, which had become the go-to ad-serving platform for many TV networks that stream their content online, was acquired by Comcast for an amount in the region of $320 million. In a similar vein Adobe acquired a similar company Auditude for $120 million. And last year TechCrunch-owner AOL acquired video advertising platform in a deal that should be worth around $405 million.

In light of tall hat, it’s worth noting another company doing well in this “New TV” space which is becoming by dominated by technology companies and is ultimately moving to IP delivery.

Sometimes called The “European FreeWheel,” Videoplaza now says it has 50% of Europe’s broadcasters running their IP delivered TV advertising business on its platform, dubbed Karbon.

It now has relationships with TV3 Ireland, RTL Germany, Canal+ in France, Spain’s Aunia as well as M6, SBS, TV4, MTV3, RTL BE and SBS…

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