TechCrunch’s Picks: The Top 8 Startups From Y Combinator W14 Demo Day


While today saw Paul Graham physically pass the reins to new Y Combinator president Sam Altman, the bigger buzz at Demo Day was about how most investors thought this was the best YC class yet. There were unsexy startups in industries ripe for disruption, deep B2B specialization to meet the needs of specific companies, and several non-profits out to make the world better, not themselves richer.

After Graham was awarded a pair of khaki shorts signed by the whole class, 68 startups took the stage at the Mountain View Computer History Museum. 55 presented on the record, and you can read about all of them in our overviews of Batch 1, Batch 2, and Batches 3 and 4. (If you want to be part of the next round of YC, the accelerator is currently accepting applications.)


Once the dust settled, TechCrunch’s team queried top investors in attendance and…

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