Scribd’s Subscription E-Book Service Moves Into Travel With The Full Lonely Planet Library


Subscription e-book startup Scribd is announcing a deal with famed travel publisher Lonely Planet.

Scribd started out as a service where users could share different types of written content (writers at TechCrunch still use it to share documents that we want to embed in our posts), but last year the company announced its intentions to become a Netflix-style style subscription service, where users pay $8.99 a month for unlimited access to the Scribd library.

This marks Scribd’s first major travel deal, though co-founder and CEO Trip Adler argued that the company’s model makes a great fit for travelers. For example, if you’re taking a trip across Europe, you no longer have to worry about carrying multiple physical books around with you, or paying the full price for the e-book guide to every city and country that you visit. (Adler said when he went on a trip around the…

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