Qualcomm’s Jacobs aims to predict your heart attack and isn’t sure about VR


Implantable sensors, chips that mimic the brain and real-time biometric security that doesn’t involve something as active as a retinal scan: That’s the future that Qualcomm’s executive chairman Paul Jacobs laid out at the Rutberg Global Summit Wednesday in Atlanta.

Jacobs said Qualcomm is testing a device that is smaller than a grain of sand that can can tell you that within two weeks you’re going to have a heart attack. “Imagine getting that phone call,” said Jacobs. Such implantable sensors could test your blood chemistry, predict disease and also act as a unique marker to identify a person.

Anyone who saw Jacobs’ chat at CES would have felt at home, but it’s still a topic designed to get people excited about and help them identify with the future of the internet of things and mobility. Jacobs even tied in the acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook(s FB)…

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