Producteev Adds iPad And Outlook Apps Following Jive Acquisition


Task management tool Producteev just launched a new iPad app and a native Outlook plugin. Now part of Jive, the company also launched a new pro plan. For $99 per month, you get the Outlook plugin, custom branding and premium support for up to 100 employees.

“There is a big market opportunity with people who use Outlook,” Producteev co-founder Ilan Abehassera told me in a phone interview. “They have no choice but to use Outlook, and they want something that goes further when it comes to task management.”

Producteev’s New Outlook And iPad Apps

When you install the plugin in Outlook, it takes over the task feature. You get all the Producteev features in a native interface. You can add a task like you would in Producteev, with natural language processing (“Finish presentation document @John #demo !tomorrow”). You can browse your activity feed, comments and more.

But the best…

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