Pedius Lets Italy’s Deaf Make Phone Calls, With More Countries To Come


Pedius is a four-month-old Italian startup that has an app currently available for Android that enables the deaf to make phone calls. The user texts a message, and that text translates to speech at the other side of the phone call. There is also a clean-looking website to accompany it, and, although it is currently available only in Italian, it is soon set to expand to Brazil, the United States, and India.

The founder, Lorenzo Di Ciaccio, described the service as being “about [fulfilling] a big human need: independence. In some countries, the deaf can make phone calls using special call centers known as relay services, where an operator calls on behalf of the deaf. This implies an issue of privacy and [then there is the] delay in waiting for a free operator.” And though the Ente Nazionale Sordi – that is, The National Body of the Deaf – have…

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