Now Samsung Has Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs, Too


Not to be outdone by LG or Philips, Samsung just introduced its own Internet-connected LED light bulb product line. Aptly called the Smart Bulb, these bulbs, available in several different styles, rock Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to directly control the units from a smartphone or tablet.

Alas, these bulbs are not as fun as their Philips counterparts and lack the ability to change colors. Samsung’s Smart Bulbs are seemingly more about daily life than discos.

The Smart Bulb can be dimmed to 10% brightness and adjusted from 2700k to 6500k for that cool white look. Samsung brags that each bulb is good for 15,000 hours, which works out to about 10 years.

The Smart Bulb line also features spotlight and tube models, which is something noticeably missing from LG and Philips’ offering.

These products were revealed today at Light + Building 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. Pricing and availability was…

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