New York Times launches 2 new paywall products — and rolls out native ads


The New York Times(s NYT) is expanding its paid digital options with two new offerings: NYT Now, which is cheaper than a regular New York Times digital subscription, and Times Premier, which is more expensive. Both will launch on April 2. NYT Now’s mobile apps includes native advertising, and we’ll also start seeing native ads on other Times products later this year.

“We see it as three options,” Denise Warren, EVP for digital products and services, said. “Essential, which is NYT Now; extensive, which is the core subscription package; and exclusive, which is the premier plan.”

NYT Now appLet’s start with the cheap one: NYT Now is the entry-level product that I speculated about last year (and, uh, it includes none of the features I’d envisioned). It’s available on the web and as an iOS app for iPhone and iPod touch, and it will cost $8 every four weeks. (A regular New…

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