More Android and less Sense: HTC One M8 Google Play Edition available


One day after the HTC One M8 launched, the phone arrived in a Google Play Edition . Starting Wednesday, customers can order the new handset directly from the Google Play Store which shows a two to three week lead time. The phone hardware itself is the exact same as the HTC One you’ll find in carrier stores — select Verizon(s vz) locations already have inventory — but without HTC’s custom software; this phone is pure Google Android(s goog).

HTC one Google Play Edition

Google announced the Play Editions of flagship phones last May at its Google I/O developer event. Since then, various handsets have found their way to the Play Store without manufacturer software such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony(s sne) Z Ultra, Moto G, and last year’s HTC One. This year’s contract-free HTC One M8 will cost $699, is unlocked and works on GSM and LTE networks around the world, including AT&T(s t) and…

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