Intel puts $15M into Israeli artificial vision company OrCam, according to report


Intel(s intc) Capital is investing $15 million in an Israeli startup called OrCam, which makes a system for helping blind people understand the world around them, according to Haaretz. The company makes a system that comprises a small wearable camera, to be clipped onto glasses, that interprets what it sees and feeds back to the wearer via bone-conduction audio.

The $2,500 device reads gestures to help it know what to interpret, and it can recognize and learn to remember a variety of objects, places and people. As the video below shows, if it sees the user point to some text, it will read it; if the user touches a product, it will try to identify it.

OrCam can tell when a traffic light is red or green, identify specific buses…as a visually impaired pal of mine said when I mentioned it to him, it’s “like a hearing aid for…

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