HTC One M8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5: Hands on comparison


Now that HTC has unveiled the HTC One M8, it only seems natural to compare it to the other major new Android(s goog) smartphone out there, Samsung’s Galaxy S5. I’ve compared some specs for each phone in the chart below. I’ve also spent a bit of time with each phone, and can say how many of these features measure up based on my experience.

HTC One M8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Display, design and size

This first comparison is a tricky one, because both phone displays look great. The Galaxy S5 has a 5.1-inch, 1080p panel, while the M8’s display measures 5 inches. The HTC One has a slightly higher pixel density, due to its barely smaller screen size, but you really can’t tell the difference with the naked eye. Luckily, both screens are very bright, with vivid colors and good viewing angles. You won’t be disappointed with either one.

HTC One M8 home screen

You might be a little disappointed…

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