Facebook in 2020: What will the future hold?


If the past month’s activity is any indication, Facebook (s fb) and CEO Mark Zuckerberg are planning an ambitious roadmap. Tuesday’s acquisition of Oculus VR for $2 billion  shows that the company wants to ensure its longevity after social media has hit its saturation point. The  dive into virtual reality might seem rash in 2014, but it makes more sense a few years down the line.

So what might Facebook look like in 2020, with VR on its side? Here’s a couple of threads it could explore:

Double down on games

A more concerted effort in gaming is the most natural extension of the work that Oculus VR has already done Within a few years, the company could establish a cross-platform VR experience, offering a games platform similar to Valve’s Steam: cross-platform VR and social games available for purchase directly through the website.

Oculus reaffirmed its commitment to gaming in a blog post about the acquisition:


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