Ex-Spotify Engineers Raise $2.2 Million For Lookback, A Mobile App Screen Recorder For User Testing


A team of ex-Spotify engineers has raised $2.2 million in seed funding for Lookback, a platform allowing developers to record onscreen activity within mobile apps – and even record the user’s face and voice, so they can explain what they’re doing when they encounter a bug or some other problem. The round was led by European investor Lakestar, and saw participation from Index Ventures and other angels, including Ilya Sukhar, co-founder of Parse.

The idea for Lookback actually began at Spotify, when Lookback co-founders Jonatan Littke, previously the lead web developer, and Joachim Bengtsson, the lead iOS developer, were talking to one of Spotify’s user experience designers, who was frustrated about her inability to access what are known as “pure” user experiences.

“Pure,” meaning those experiences where the user is not in some sort of test lab setting or is being told what to do, but is rather using the application on their own in an…

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