Cut Up The Government By The Roots



Earlier today, Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, the former defence minister who led last summer’s coup in Egypt, announced to absolutely no-one’s surprise that he would run for president of Egypt. 

I have no faith in al-Sisi. None whatsoever. The Morsi regime which he toppled was maneuvering itself into an authoritarian position in an undemocratic way, and I confess that I initially thought that maybe the military coup could change things for the better, if the military reset democracy and held elections. By now, we’ve seen that this is not the case, and we’ve seen what kind of government he would run. The political violence carried out by his administration has been horrific. During the crackdowns on legal and mostly non-violent protests in August, over a thousand people were summarily killed in massacres.

This week, 529 people were summarily sentenced to death, presumably on al-Sisi’s orders or with his okay. The trials — trial

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