Custom T-Shirt Design App Snaptee Launches Partnership Program


Snaptee , the iOS and Android app that lets users design and order their own custom T-shirts, has launched a new revenue-sharing program for photo-editing and design app developers.

The startup’s first beta partner is Manga Camera, a popular app that turns photos into comic book-like graphics. Snaptee, which is based in Hong Kong, also announced that its users have created over one million T-shirt designs since it launched in August 2013. Wai-Lun Hong, Snaptee’s CEO, says that the app currently has 300,000 registered users, most from the U.S., Japan, Germany, and UK.

Right now Snaptee’s users can upload a photo or take one using its in-app camera and then edit it with Snaptee’s templates and filters. The partner program lets developers integrate Snaptee into their photo and design apps and share part of the revenue earned on any T-shirts purchased by their users. Hong says that most T-shirts created…

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