Blowback From The Rift


Sour grapes. In the era of multi-billion-dollar acquisitions and high expectations, it’s easy to have them. But what has driven the mass outrage against Oculus and their sale to Facebook for a cool $2 billion? The endless fear of the sellout, the group or person or brand that catered to one market and then, sensing the end of the road, turned to the wide world and re-rigged itself for mass acceptance.

To be clear, Oculus owes its backers exactly one thing: a headset. They don’t owe them unswerving loyalty, everlasting penury, or a bow and a scrape at gaming conferences. The expectation that Oculus thought about its audience at all is ludicrous. In the choice between the cool kids wanting the TV and the nerds wanting rock tumbler, the nerds will always pick $2 billion.

Another thing is also clear: the idea that Facebook will do anything but eviscerate…

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