BlackBerry Sued An Executive Who Defected To Apple


The story goes BlackBerry senior vice president for software Sebastian Marineau-Mes resigned from his post in late December 2013 after Apple offered him a position as vice president of Core OS. But BlackBerry wouldn’t let him go and sued for breach of contract.

Marineau-Mes alleged his contract is not a valid and enforceable one.

The Guardian reports that a court sided with BlackBerry and ruled that Marineau-Mes is bound by his contract until June 23, 2014. Apple will have to wait.

According to court documents, the contract in question requires Marineau-Mes to notify BlackBerry six months prior to leaving. This lockup expires on June 23, 2014.

These documents tell a woeful story for Marineau-Mes. They acknowledge BlackBerry’s downturn and the appointment of John Chen as the company’s new CEO in November 2013. However, apparently, during discussions between Marineau-Mes and Chen, it was discussed that “Marineau-Mes’ role might ultimately be narrower…

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