Betaworks-Backed Tapestry Releases Update To Let You Build Stories In-App


Today Tapestry, the story-telling service out of betaworks, has released a big update to the mobile application, allowing users to create tapestries within the app for the first time ever.

Originally, Tapestry was a web platform aimed at literary story-tellers. Instead of writing a bunch of text to be printed up on pages or converted quickly to an e-book, Tapestry offered authors a way to create something digital and interactive to tell their story. In a world where children are more comfortable with iPads than magazines, it only makes sense.

Today, however, users can finally create within the app, rather than just using the mobile companion for consumption.

Since launching back in 2012, Tapestry has tried to pay close attention to the way users are building their tapestries. What was expected to be a group of literary authors has actually turned into a userbase of young peopleā€¦

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