Apps Respond The Fastest In Canada And Japan, Finds New Report By Crittercism


Engaging design, marketing, and a solid user acquisition strategy are all key to making a successful app. But an app’s reliability often depends on factors beyond its developers’ control, according to a new report by Crittercism.

The company, which makes an app performance management and error monitoring system, found that an app’s performance, including how often it crashes, is strongly influenced by things like the cloud services it uses and regional network carriers.

To remain competitive, apps needs to respond to user requests within one second and crash less than 1% of the time. But according to Crittercism’s Mobile Experience Benchmark report, 47% of apps crash more than 1% of the time and 32% have a crash rate of over 2%.

The report uses data Crittercism gleaned from processing over 30,000 requests per second from one billion mobile users in real-time, and offers insight into response times among different…

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