Apple engineer shares details on the iPhone’s long birth


By now most people are familiar with the introduction of Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone, which debuted in a 2007 Steve Jobs presentation that literally paused the humongous Consumer Electronics Show hundreds of miles away.

I vividly remember because I was at that CES and Apple’s announcement took the wind out of everyone’s sails that day. But the story of how the iPhone came to be is less well-known. The concept began in earnest 2.5 years prior to launch, according to Apple senior software engineer Greg Christie.

Steve Jobs with iphone

Christie hasn’t publicly shared details of the original iPhone’s development process until now, but he spoke with the Wall Street Journal in an interview that published on Wednesday. The commentary is filled with little nuggets of how the iPhone went from a secret project called “Purple” to the final disruptive product Jobs demonstrated on stage January 9, 2007. This is the full presentation, which is worth the…

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