AOL Aims To Unify Its Programmatic Efforts With A New Ad Platform, ONE


AOL’s Tim Armstrong and Bob Lord are taking the stage at the ad:tech conference in San Francisco today, where they’re announcing a new programmatic ad platform called ONE.

I met with Armstrong (CEO) and Lord (CEO of AOL Platforms, which is the new name for AOL Networks) earlier this week to discuss the news. Armstrong said ONE represents the company’s work to “fully formulate a vision for the mechanization of what Madison Avenue is going to look like being a customer of our platform,” while Lord said this vision is a big part of why he joined AOL (which owns TechCrunch) from Razorfish last year.

The big theme of the new platform seems to be unification. That means unifying AOL’s various ad products, including, the AdLearn Open Platform, and the AOL Marketplace. It also means offering what Lord (pictured above) called “an open ecosystem,” allowing customers to integrate whatever…

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