AlchemyAPI points its deep learning service on ad inventory


Deep-learning-as-a-service startup AlchemyAPI has launched a new product aimed at advertisers that want to better classify their content and turn it into targeted ad inventory. Automation is probably the major benefit of deep learning technologies right now because users are able to tag and classify text and images without using many human resources and with fairly high confidence the results will be accurate.

AlchemyAPI claims its new Taxonomy API recognizes 1,000 product categories and is able to drill down five levels below the surface (e.g., from financial services down to automobile loans) with little or no input from users. The company also announced on Wednesday that its sentiment analysis API can now better understand text containing poor grammar, slang and mixed messages. Another new product, which it’s calling a combined call API, lets users start with a high-level classification task and then automatically switch to a lower-level task such as extracting entities.

Several months ago, in…

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