Aereo Says A Win For Broadcasters Would Have “Chilling” Consequences To Cloud Computing


Aereo has today filed its response brief with the Supreme Court in a case that will make or break the streaming TV startup. So far, we’re in the preliminary stages of this particular case, with the broadcasters filing their initial briefing in March, arguing that Aereo violates copyrights by retransmitting broadcast signals as a “public performance.”

Today, Aereo responds to the briefing with a briefing of their own, as well as a public statement on the case:

Last December, we decided to not oppose the broadcasters’ petition for certiorari before the United States Supreme Court. Today, we filed our response brief setting forth the basis for our steadfast conviction that Aereo’s cloud-based antenna and DVR technology falls squarely within the law. We have every confidence that the Court will validate and preserve a consumer’s right to access local over-the-air television using an individual antenna, make a personal recording with a…

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