10GBASE-T for broad deployment of 10 gigabit Ethernet


10GBASE-T: driving simple, cost-effective 10 gigabit deployments

Deployments of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) have grown strongly in recent years, driven by high-bandwidth applications including server virtualization, converged data and storage networking, and cloud computing. Despite this growth, limitations of today’s most common 10 GbE interfaces, SFP+ Direct Attach and 10GBASE-SR, have prevented them from achieving volume data center deployments.

10GBASE-T (10 GbE over twisted-pair copper cabling) provides an excellent for broad migration to 10GbE.

Key features that make this possible include

  • Backwards-compatibility with existing gigabit Ethernet equipment for simple migration to 10GbE
  • Support for distances up to 100 meters for data center flexibility
  • The ability to use existing, cost-effective twisted-pair copper cabling
  • A strong and growing ecosystem

In this white paper from Intel, Cisco and Panduit, learn how the benefits and deployment options for 10GBASE will help drive an increase in 10 GbE deployments.

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