Apple’s iPhone 5c Sales Story Is A Complex One


For years, pundits and analysts have been suggesting that the only way for Apple to compete against cheap Android phones, especially in China and throughout Asia, was to produce a cheap iPhone. Well, Apple finally relented (sort of) when it released the cheapish iPhone 5c –only data suggests that the Chinese prefer the higher-end iPhone.

It’s worth noting, however, that the data doesn’t actually tell a clear story about the 5c, and it’s difficult to draw clear conclusions about how it’s doing worldwide, mostly because Apple hasn’t released a break-down of iPhone sales by type, which leaves us to speculate and look at a variety of analyses to figure it out.

The good news for Apple is that a recent study by Umeng found that 8 out of 10 high-end smartphones in China, defined as those costing $500 or more, were in fact iPhones of one sort or another, so Apple…

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